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USCYBERCOM Documents Timeline

US Cyber command
Published: May 11, 2020

Edited by Michael Martelle

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Washington D.C., May 11, 2020 – For the past few years the National Security Archive Cyber Vault project has been identifying and collecting records on USCYBERCOM through several methods including original FOIA requests. These documents have produced postings on topics like the US Department of Defense targeting doctrine as it applies to offensive cyber operations, the development of the USCYBERCOM's Cyber Mission Force, and USCYBERCOM's operations against ISIS which represent the first time the US Government has officially acknowledged offensive cyber operations conducted by the military or intelligence communities. Over time these batches of documents have turned into a significant collection tracing the history of USCYBERCOM, a collection which will only grow through future research.

In an effort to make the entire collection of USCYBERCOM documents easily accessible, today the Cyber Vault project is publishing a timeline of all primary source government documents produced by or directly pertaining to USCYBERCOM from our research. It is our hope that this feature will facilitate understanding of USCYBERCOM's history and its role in US cyber policy.