30+ Years of Freedom of Information Action

Russia Programs

Opening documents, building connections, opening minds

History of the Cold War

Studying the history of the Cold War and collecting documents from the archives from both sides of the “iron curtain” was the original focus of the Archive’s Russia programs. 

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The Nunn-Lugar Project

A documentation and critical oral history project on 20 years of the arms race in reverse, seeking lessons learned and unlearned for future cooperation on denuclearization.

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READD-RADD database and the Russian page

Over the last twenty years, the Russia programs collected, cataloged and analyzed about 18,000 individual documents that are part of its Russian and East European Document Database. 

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Chernyaev's pass to the Moscow Olympics 1980
The “Irreplaceable” Chernyaev Diary 1980

Washington D.C., May 25, 2020 –The National Security Archive marks what would have been Anatoly Sergeyevich Chernyaev’s 99th birthday today with the publication for the first time...

May 25, 2020