35+ Years of Freedom of Information Action

Staff and Fellows


Malik Baker
Elijah Cummings Legal Fellow
Focus: Freedom of Information Act, open government litigation
Joyce Battle
Director of the Iraq Documentation Project
Focus: US-Iraq policy; US-South Asia relations; Middle East
Rinat Bikineyev
Focus: IT; World-Wide Web
William Burr
Senior Analyst
Focus: US diplomatic history; nuclear history; nonproliferation; Berlin Crisis; Henry Kissinger
Mary Curry
Research Associate; Public Service Coordinator
Focus: Archive collections; public liaison
Kate Doyle
Senior Analyst
Focus: Latin America; US-Guatemala; US-Mexico; Evidence Project; human rights
Michael Evans
Senior analyst; Director of Colombia Project and Mexico Migration Project
Focus: US-Colombia; US-Mexico and Mexico Migration; Latin America
Director of Public Policy and Open Government Affairs
Focus: FOIA; US government compliance with FOIA; social media; Middle East
Claire Harvey
FOIA Associate
Focus: FOIA
Burkely Hermann
Focus: Archive publications; Indexing
Autumn Kladder
Focus: Archive publications; Indexing
Peter Kornbluh
Director of Cuba and Chile Documentation Projects
Focus: Latin America; US-Cuba; US-Chile; US-Nicaragua; Iran-Contra Affair
Maria Martinez
Database Manager
Focus: IT; database programming and management
Anna Melyakova
Research Associate
Focus: Russia Project
Cristin Monahan
Cyber Vault Fellow
Focus: Cybersecurity and technology policy
Carlos Osorio
Information Systems Manager, Analyst and Director of the Southern Cone Documentation Project
Focus: Latin America; Southern Cone; Argentina; human rights
John Prados
Senior Fellow
Focus: Vietnam; US intelligence and covert operations; presidential decision-making; US military policy
Svetlana Savranskaya
Senior Analyst
Focus: Soviet Union and Russia; US-Soviet relations; Caucasus; Cuban missile crisis; cooperative threat reduction
Lisa Thompson
Director of Production
Focus: Archive publications; Indexing
Wendy Valdes
FOIA Coordinator
Focus: Torture Archive; Archive Publications
Robert Wampler
Senior Analyst
Focus: US-Japan; US-Korea; Tibet; climate change diplomacy; nuclear history


Malcolm Byrne
Deputy Director; Research Director
Focus: US-Iran; Iran-Contra Affair; US-Soviet & East Europe; cybersecurity; terrorism
Sue Bechtel
Director of Administration
Focus: Administration


Avner Cohen
Focus: Nuclear history; nonproliferation; Israeli nuclear policy
Barbara Elias
Research Fellow
Focus: U.S. policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan
Hope Harrison
Focus: End of the Cold War Project; East Germany in the Cold War
Focus: Case studies of U.S. communications with Cold War adversaries (Cuba, China, North Vietnam, Iran).
Nate Jones
Focus: FOIA; US government compliance with FOIA; social media; 1983 War Scare
Christian Ostermann
Focus: Cold War; East Germany; Soviet Flashpoints
Brad Simpson
Research Fellow and Director of the Archive's Indonesia and East Timor Documentation Project
Focus: US-Indonesia relations
Vladislav Zubok
Focus: Soviet Union and Russia; Cold War

In Memoriam

Jeffrey Richelson
Senior Fellow
Focus: Cybersecurity; Intelligence; presidential decision-making; US-China relations; terrorism; military uses of space