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Able Archer War Scare “Potentially Disastrous”

Washington, D.C., February 17, 2021 – “What might have happened that day in November 1983 if we had begun a precautionary generation of forces” against a Soviet alert in response...

Feb 17, 2021


Why The Key Able Archer 83 Report Should Be Released Under UK FOIA

Guardian: Security chiefs may block release of UK report on 1983 Soviet nuclear scare.

The 1983 War Scare Part One: "The Last Paroxysm" of the Cold War

The 1983 War Scare Part Two: Able Archer 83 Declassified

The 1983 War Scare Part Three: "A rather stunning array of Indicators"

Countdown to Declassification: Finding Answers to the Able Archer 83 Nuclear War Scare 
By Nate Jones, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, November, 2013

Forecasting Nuclear War: Stasi/KGB Intelligence Cooperation under Project RYaN
By Bernd Schaefer, Nate Jones, Benjamin B. Fischer, Nuclear Proliferation International History Project, Wilson Center, November, 2014 

First Page of Paramount Able Archer 83 Report Declassified by British Archive; Remainder of "The Detection of Soviet Preparations for War Against NATO" Withheld

Air Force Intelligence Service Redacts Its Role During Able Archer 83

President Reagan Meets Oleg Gordievsky, Soviet Double Agent Who Reported Danger of Able Archer 83

British Documents Confirm UK Alerted US to Danger of Able Archer 83

Stasi Documents Provide Details on Operation RYaN, the Soviet Plan to Predict and Preempt a Western Nuclear Strike; Show Uneasiness Over Degree of "Clear-Headedness About the Entire RYaN Complex."

Former Australian Deputy Secretary of Defence on Able Archer 83

New Evidence on Autumn Forge 83 from the Netherlands

War Scare Thirtieth Anniversary

War Scare
By Nate Jones, ForeignPolicy.com, May 21, 2013

Nate Jones and Robert Farley Discuss Able Archer 83  Blogging Heads "Foreign Entanglements," May 31, 2013